4. Discussion

4. Discussion
IN this project, we see that there a very good possibility in converting a resistance level into a totally different unit, meant for measuring soil moisture – PERM. WE had also learnt that this project needed a lot of steps and background research to be completed.
4.1 Key findings
Key findings was the measuring of the moisture of the soil using a tool and conversion of the soil resistance to the soil moisture.
4.2 Explanation of key findings
The explanation of the key findings is that the soil sensor managed to get accurate findings as it was calibrated, connected and built properly from the correct type of materials, especially the screw used and the wires, which is a great contributing factor to the measurements of the soil resistance.

4.3 Evaluation of engineering goals
In this project, the goal was actually realised due to the following points:
4.4Evaluation of Engineering Goals
1. The product was done and working
2. It had the specifications we needed.
3. The sensor was different from conventional complicated moisture sensor that is available on the market.

Areas for improvement
In this project, though the aim and goals were all realised, there were still areas for improvements. We feel that the overall performance of the product was good, it really was, but the aesthetics of this product was not so well done. We felt that for this project, we could have something like a cover to neatly pack the breadboard and all the required materials into it, resulting in a cleaner product in terms of arrangement. The sensors would also not have to be this crude, but we felt it was still doable as it was supposed to be a household product. As for he programming, I felt that we had done exactly what we had wanted it do do, just that there are glitches in the display, as some of the unoccupied letters on the display were filled up with squares. 

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