5. Conclusion

5. Conclusions
5.1 Summary of findings
As for the findings, we have found out how the soil moisture works exactly, for example, it works exactly in a way where there is current passing through the two nails, and the two nails are used in a way that they actually are probes that probe the resistance of the current passing through themselves, and sending the values back to the Arduino System. This resulted us to interpret and know the particular values for the moisture of the soil. the finds was basically the moisture of the soil, found based from a bell curve.
5.2 Practical Applications
The practical applications is that this product can be used as a household product and used to tell the plant owners when exactly do they need to water their plant, to keep the plant strong and healthy. Though in the problems section we listed that we could help the people measure the soil moisture, but they would still not know when the water the plant, so we would be actually distributing to the people who sell plants and know when to plant them, at what moisture, before selling the plant with this plant moisture, to ease the lives of the customers who buy the plants.
5.3 Areas for further study
or this project, we could use it for fully plant watering systems or systems which implement fully automatic plant gardens. For the fully automated plant watering system, we could have the moisture sensor the base when to water the plant, in this case also with the fully automated garden system. 

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